RememberMongolia Podcast #3:Is there Life After Language School? 

Well, here is Podcast #3 - way overdue. It's been a busy, hectic and somewhat difficult Spring. But Spring AND language School are over! This podcast contains a preview of our Summer and a few updates on ministry and partnership opportunities.

I also mention in the podcast a couple of upcoming giving opportunities. You may do this online or you may designate giving through your local C&MA Church.

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Hope you enjoy the podcast and thank you for your continued partnership with us for the Name and renown of Jesus in Mongolia.

RememberMongolia Podcast #2: A Conversation on Partnerships

Last month our field was blessed by a visit from a vision team from Northern California. This team was interested in exploring ways that their churches could partner with us here in Mongolia. We spent an evening discussing what this partnership might look like. I think this is a beneficial discussion for anyone who is interested in leading the local church into a ministry partnership.

There are five partnership points that will highlight this partnership.
1. Strategic Prayer
2. Communication and Connectedness
3. Partner Care
4. Financial Resourcing
5. Short Term Teams

Listen in while these points and others are discussed.

If there are any who would be interested in knowing more about Partnerships with us in Mongolia, please contact us. We'd love to talk to you more about these Kingdom Building possibilities!

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RememberMongolia Podcast #1: The Mongolian Winter

Here is our first! This is the first installation of the RememberMongolia podcast. In this episode you will learn a little about the Mongolian winter season. It's more than just cold!

Update: You can now download and subscribe directly from iTunes! Simply search 'Remember Mongolia' and hit subscribe!
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